CAN Mailing List

Rules for Postings

  • To post to the group, use
  • Choose a good subject line, THINK about it.
  • Write your mail in English so that all subscribers will understand you.
  • Send your mail in plain text format, not HTML or RTF because plain text will be readable for all subscribers.
  • If you are planning to activate the auto-reply function of your e-mailing software for more than one week because you are out of office, you have to unsubscribe from the list. You can be removed from the list without further notice if your server keeps sending "over quota" notifications for more thanĀ a week.
  • Don't advertise for your company. You can include a link to a particular product if it helps to answer a specific question of another canlist user.
  • Quote portions of what you are responding to, not the whole mail and remove empty quoted lines or signatures to make your message as short as possible.
  • Don't make test posts to the list. Ask a real question or give a real answer.
  • Binary (GIF, JPEG, executables) posts are not allowed. Post a URL instead or mail your binaries directly to those people who want them.
  • The auto-reply address has been set to canlist_NOT to prevent mail loops. You can replace it manually or with an individual address book entry for sending emails to the group.

Please read the canlist welcome mail carefully and respect the RFC1855 netiquette guidelines before posting messages. Violating the guidelines can result in your address being removed from the list.

Any questions? Feel free to contact the list administrator.

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