CAN Links

CAN in Automation (CiA)
Homepage of the international CAN protocol users and manufacturers group. CAN product database, links to events and literature, in-depth technical info.

CAN Wiki
Shared information about aspects of using the CAN network.

KVASER CAN Introduction
Detailed info incl. tutorials about basic CAN knowledge, higher layer protocols, embedded control systems etc. Many links concerning literature, downloads and products for CAN.

Linux CAN-Bus Driver Project
CAN driver for IntelĀ® 82527 and Philips SJA1000 controllers to be run under Linux.

Electrical Engineering @
Good place for questions and answers about CAN, with a real chance to get a useful answer.

Newsgroup comp.realtime
Unmoderated forum for discussion of all topics concerning computer-based realtime systems.

Staffan Nilsson's CAN Information
Introduction to CAN, short and clear.

Wikipedia CAN Page
Detailed basics about CAN and related protocols, many links to other CAN pages and organizations.

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